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what method of further education is right for you?

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what method of further education is right for you?

4 Things To Buy Before You Start Your Cosmetology Program

by Annette Miles

If you've recently enrolled in a cosmetology program, there's a good chance that part of your tuition will cover the various supplies you'll need to complete your training. However, if your school doesn't provide you with pre-assembled supply kits, then you'll be responsible for purchasing some basic equipment and supplies that you'll likely need as early as your first week in the program. Specifically, there are a few things that you may want to go ahead and pick up before your first day.

A Mannequin Head

Whether you're going into cosmetology to learn about hair or makeup, having a mannequin head will be a must. For hair programs, you'll want to make sure that your mannequin has at least medium-length hair to work with, and that the hair is either real human hair or equivalent. The idea here is to ensure that the hair is as similar in texture and behavior to human hair as possible. For makeup programs, you may want to check with your advisor to see if there are specific requirements in place when it comes to the mannequin you buy.

A Carrying Case

You're going to accumulate lots of supplies during your time in your cosmetology program, so you'll need a large, durable carrying case in which to keep everything organized. There are lots of options here, and what you end up choosing really depends on personal preference, but many cosmetologists prefer a large carrying case with a telescoping handle that can be rolled around easily. Cases with shoulder straps can get to be very heavy to carry around.

Comfy Pants and Shoes

Many beginning cosmetology students fail to consider just how much time they'll be spending on their feet while in the classroom; Cosmetology programs are very hands-on. Therefore, you'll want to make sure you can stay comfortable while on your feet. Be sure to pick up some comfortable pants (such as yoga pants) along with supportive shoes, like running shoes or cross-trainers for the best results.

Shears, Razors, and Blades

If you're enrolled in a hair program, you'll probably be surprised by just how many sets of scissors, shears, and razors you'll need. From thinning shears to hair-shaping razors and everything in between, be sure to get an inventory list from your school and have everything you need ready to go on the first day; many programs begin with teaching basic safety and handling of these items.