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what method of further education is right for you?

These days, there are even more options when it comes to furthering your education. Do you attend a community college, a university or do you complete an online virtual college course? What method of furthering your education will be most suited for you? I created this blog as I worked with my daughter to find the best way for her to obtain the degree that she wanted. We searched, interviewed and dug into all of the different methods of further education and have included it right here for you. Hopefully, the days and weeks that we spent researching will help you as much as it helped my daughter.




what method of further education is right for you?


4 Things To Buy Before You Start Your Cosmetology Program

If you've recently enrolled in a cosmetology program, there's a good chance that part of your tuition will cover the various supplies you'll need to complete your training. However, if your school doesn't provide you with pre-assembled supply kits, then you'll be responsible for purchasing some basic equipment and supplies that you'll likely need as early as your first week in the program. Specifically, there are a few things that you may want to go ahead and pick up before your first day.

3 Exams To Ace On Your Way To Becoming An Anesthesiologist

The road to becoming an anesthesiologist is one of the most rigorous and extensive for any medical profession. Students are put through a number of years of schooling that begin with an undergraduate degree. During this time, students have to excel in a number of exams in order to become an anesthesiologist. The first test begins when students are applying for medical school, and doing well creates a solid foundation for their future career.

The Role Of Prior Learning Assessment In Adult Education

When adults go back to college after several years in the workplace, they carry with them valuable information learned on the job. This hands-on training can actually substitute for college credit via a process that many adult learning programs offer, called prior learning assessment.  Most adult education programs have a process for assessing prior learning that includes faculty evaluation of a portfolio prepared by the student. According to the Council on Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL), more than 66 percent of institutions have some form of portfolio evaluation that results in additional college credit for on-the-job learning.