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what method of further education is right for you?

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what method of further education is right for you?

Why It's Important To Get Certified To Fly At Night

by Annette Miles

Your initial training as a pilot gives you the right to fly during the daylight hours, but you'll need to land in advance of the sun going down. Fortunately, you can take enhanced training that will give you the ability to fly at night. Nighttime flying presents its share of challenges, but once you've already gone through flight school, you'll have no trouble mastering the navigational differences that are part of flying in the dark. If you're a pilot, here are some reasons that it's important to get licensed to fly at night. 

It Gives You Opportunities To Travel

While lots of casual pilots enjoy taking to the sky on weekend afternoons, others love the idea of traveling via air with their spouse or their family. If the idea of flying to different vacation sites is appealing to you, you may initially feel limited if you're only allowed to fly during the daytime.

For example, if you want to spend a full day enjoying a vacation, you might have to stay an extra night, rather than fly home at the end of the day. Should you go through your training to be licensed to fly at night, however, you'll have far more flexibility when it comes to picking your flight times. 

You Can Practice In The Winter

Although some pilots keep their plane in the hangar over the winter, others appreciate the chance to fly even when the conditions are chilly. One issue that can get in the way of flying during the winter months, however, is the shorter days. The fact that it's dark when you get up for work and perhaps even dark again when you get home will dramatically cut into your available time for flying. With the ability to fly at night, however, you can easily take a short flight at the end of the workday — a perfect way to unwind, especially if your weekend is busy enough that you won't be able to fly. 

It Can Enhance Your Skills

Some pilots find that flying in the dark can actually enhance their skills. Although some nighttime visual navigation is possible, you'll need to get into the habit of relying more on your airplane's instruments. In the daylight, it can be easy to fall into the habit of watching what you see around you, rather than using your instruments to tell the story of where you are and where you're going. Learning to increase your focus in this area after dark can make you a better pilot at any time of the day.

For more information, contact your local flight training schools.